Migrating to Canada from Italy in 1957, Mario Bassi began working immediately in the masonry business. His hard work and dedication quickly earned him a reputation in the industry for craftsmanship and reliability through nothing more than word of mouth. As the demand for Mario’s talent and work ethic grew, in 1963 Bassi Construction was formed and Mario soon led his own group of masons taking on larger commercial projects without ever losing his attention to detail and commitment to quality.


Having joined Mario in 1989, son Lino has now become president of BGC. “What sets us apart is our work ethic and the special relationships we have built with our regular clients over the past 50 years.


BGC Construction & Restoration Ltd has always traveled a road of modest growth and will continue to do so as it seeks out more challenging projects in the future while demonstrating its track record of reliable service. We will continue to grow by reputation and word of mouth.

“Honour and commitment are the foundation of our business, an approach my father continues to teach me and that resonates as I develop with each and every client.”
– Lino Bassi